Case Study – Website Development – SEO

Case Study – Website Development – SEO

The Challenge:

A company’s website was not showing up on important keyword search engine rankings and was failing to generate projected revenue.   The problem stemmed from the programing language with which the website was constructed, greatly reducing the effectiveness of SEO efforts.  The challenge was to increase the search engine rankings across a number of keywords and drive increased, qualified traffic to the website.

Our Approach:

We quickly realized the company required a totally new website constructed in a far more search engine friendly format. Our approach included rebuilding the website, and adding new pages for the search engines to rank based on the optimization of the updated website.   Additionally, we wrote new title tags and content, and correctly named the images with image title tags to enhance the page SEO.   To support an ongoing SEO effort, we added a blog and then provided new content on a regular basis and linked the blogs to a comprehensive social media presence.

The Results:

The results were striking and measurable.  The new website received search engine result rankings in the top three positions for the important keywords associated with the company’s products and services. Clicks to the website greatly increased in quantity and quality, providing improved conversion rates and overall increased business.

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