Case Study – Strategic Planning For Growth

Case Study – Strategic Planning For Growth

The Challenge:

A manufacturer of precision machined parts for aerospace and medical applications was loosing steam. The ownership team lacked coordination, clear direction, and was experiencing burn-out.  Not sure of which direction to go, or how to move beyond their current, stalled state, the company turned to us for help and guidance.

Our Approach:

We needed to uncover their underlying issues, and get them moving in a direction right for them. To do so, we utilized our proprietary 3-Phase Strategic Planning Process:

Phase 1 involved one-on-one interviews sessions with key members of the executive team, extracting vital information and uncovering systemic problems.

Phase 2 brought the entire executive team together for a series of planning sessions designed to focus on the organization, and identify critical strategic initiatives necessary for the company to expand and further promote their products and services.

Phase 3 put into motion important behavioral expectations designed to support the management team as they moved to implement each element of the strategic plan. This process leveraged the knowledge and expertise of the entire team by working together to clearly identify specific action items and solve challenging issues as they arose.

The Results:

With a clear direction in mind, and a process designed to provide structure, accountability and momentum, the management team experienced improved performance, increased operational efficiencies, reduced costs and generated increased revenue.

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