Business Survival COVID-19

Business Survival COVID-19
Survive, Prepare and Emerge

COVID-19 Crisis has nearly shut down the world.  As business owners, we need to move fast to survive, and prepare now for when we emerge from this dark tunnel.  Below are ideas to guide you through this challenging time.  We have strategies, tactics and programs to help you successfully recover and grow.

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Survive So You Can Keep on Moving

  1. Deal with Near-Term Cash Issues: And adjust your operational needs. If necessary, apply for loans and support. Research:Covid 19 Business recovery
  2. Stay in Touch: With customers, vendors, and prospects with whom you provided quotes in the past. Keep them abreast of your actions and plans. People are turning to the Internet for information, advice, reassurance. Use:
    • Email Marketing: Send out routine emails to your targeted lists.
    • Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter): If you have an established presence on these platforms, use them.  If not, now is the time to get on board.
    • Telephone: This may be helpful for key customers, vendors, etc. Find out what they need and how you can help.

Prepare What You Do Now Will Make A Huge Difference

  1. Create a Plan for Action: There is no going back – as we move into recovery mode, things will change (customers, vendors, businesses will behave differently). How will you adjust your plans for operations, product and service selection, marketing and sales? Plan strategically and tactically. And do it now.
    • Prioritize your marketing and sales focus on the areas most likely to succeed.
    • Identify the tactics and prepare marketing & sales materials and content for the recovery.
  2. Improve Your Internet Presence: Now is the time to update your messaging and content. It is the age of the Internet for communication and sharing, meetings, virtual events and commerce. Do:
    • Improve your Website: Refresh or rebuild the site with new and updated content & images and make sure all of your products and services are displayed online.
    • Add E-commerce capability: If you are so inclined, make it easy for your customers to purchase directly from your website – or through other platforms designed to support your e-commence goals (,,,
    • Build out your Social Media: As mentioned above, expand (or create) your social media presence on those platforms you feel are appropriate. Most businesses are now on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with many considering Instagram as well.
    • New Products and Services: If you are still operational, are there other products and services your company could be producing that are in high demand?
      • Face masks / Protective gear (not just for medical workers, but for the public).
      • Hand Sanitizers and other Disinfectants / Cleaning Solutions.
      • Puzzles and other at-home building kits – for everyone stuck at home.

Emerge Coming Out of this Tunnel

  1. Be Ready: The COVID-19 crisis will come to an end. The actions you take (as indicated above) will put you in a far stronger position for your recovery and growth.
  2. And Launch: If you’ve done your work during the Survive and Prepare stage, then you will be ready to launch:
    • Your newly refreshed website – with new images, updated content and messaging, and all your products and services on board.
    • Your email marketing programs – aimed at past, current and prospects – keeping them informed of the wonderful things you do.
    • Your social media activities – encouraging your customers to “follow” your company and build engagement.
    • Your Sales program – with new materials, handouts, pdfs and other content designed to build awareness, communicate your value and sell.
    • Your Other tactics – direct mail, telemarketing, advertising, and/or trade show participation.

Your preparation will set the stage for a faster recovery.

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